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Food Rescue Fredericton.

Volunteers have the opportunity to contribute their skills, time and labour in return for learning more about harvesting fruit and vegetables crops in a hands-on setting, receiving 1/3 of what they pick to bring home to their families, friends and neighbours and having the satisfaction of knowing the rest of the crop will be donated and not wasted!

  • Be considerate
  • Show up on time to be informed of rules, safety instructions and harvesting method (or let us know if you will be late)
  • Respect the property of any place hosting our group
  • Respect property owners, their staff and family and all other volunteers and Fredericton Food Rescue staff
  • Harvest fruit and vegetables in a safe and responsible manner, as outlined at the start of each glean
  • Leave the property free of any debris, garbage or discarded produce
  • Stay inside the designated pick area and do not wander on the owner’s property

What should you know?

  • When possible, carpool to the site to decrease the number of cars entering the property
  • Bring your own snacks, water, sunscreen, bug spray and hat
  • When notified of a glean, respond as soon as possible to ensure you are included
  • Do not come to a glean to which you have not received confirmation of registration
  • Keep track of the amount you are picking (or ensure all of your harvest is brought to the central weighing area) so it can be divided – 1/3 for you, 1/3 to charity and 1/3 to the property owner/farmer
  • Make reasonable effort to ensure that all produce being harvested and donated is free of disease and infestation

We don’t require volunteers to have any previous knowledge or skills in harvesting, but there are a few things we need you to know first so we can have create a safe, productive and fun experience for everyone. Gleaning volunteers should come prepared to work safely, transport their portion of the harvest and have fun! Follow these few simple rules to become a gleaning superstar:

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